Welcome to LightBeam Development Company

We’re at the intersection of two rapidly moving forces in the history of energy.  One is the evolution of fossil fuel energy production and the wholesale retirement of coal fire power plants brought about by the ravages of damaging emissions to our environment.  The other is the revolutionary emergence and growth of sources of clean and renewable energy to meet our continuing demand.   Balancing these forces creates enormous challenge across our entire population and particularly companies in the energy industry. 

LightBeam Development Company is an independent electric power producer providing renewable and clean energy to institutional and commercial customers under long term power purchase agreements. At LightBeam we are driven by the need for our world to manage the successful completion and operation of renewable and clean energy projects.  Our experience in energy, project finance, real estate development and asset management uniquely qualifies LightBeam to coordinate every detail of the projects in our energy production portfolio with precision, on-time and within budget.  LightBeam develops, owns and operates clean and renewable power generation facilities.  The expanse of our competence and expertise prior to LightBeam has taken us into business activities we could not have anticipated when we started our company.  Simply put what we do is turn opportunity into reality and risk into success.  Our “If we can think it we can do it” philosophy combined with true ingenuity and innovation in everything we do is both unique and effective.   

Today our business is developing and integrating commercially viable renewable and clean energy technology as a mainstream energy source. We envision a future in which the electric power generated to support our world will come from clean and renewable sources free of the health and environmental hazards of fossil fuel energy.  We dedicate ourselves to contributing to this outcome.  Every day we’re taking another step toward achieving our goal of successfully building a top tier global clean and renewable energy company. Having such a grand ambition is inspired by our desire to make a meaningful difference to improve our environment for the benefit of future generations.

LightBeam Development Company...Bringing clean and renewable energy to a changing world!